UK authorities urged Hyundai to abandon claims of hydrogen cars

UK authorities urged Hyundai to abandon claims of hydrogen cars


The automaker says one of its hydrogen-powered vehicles “cleans the air on the go.”

Although the Hyundai Nexo fuel cell model does not emit exhaust fumes, it still emits particulate matter from brake and tire wear. Therefore, UK Hyundai Motor was ordered to refrain from mentioning on its website that one of its hydrogen fuel cell vehicles “cleans the air on the go,” as the country’s Advertising Standards Authority found the claim misleading.

In its ruling, released on Wednesday, the ASA said consumers will understand Hyundai’s advertising to mean that “the vehicle as a whole has a negligible impact on the environment and removes pollution from the air while driving so that no pollution caused by use cars will not stay in the air. “

At the same time, Hyundai noted that the advertisement concerns vehicles with an on-board air purification system that filters gases and fine dust. But the authorities were adamant and said the ads should no longer appear. Although the Nexo does not emit exhaust fumes like traditional combustion engine vehicles, it still emits particulate matter as a result of brake and tire wear.

The ordinance is a reminder that the transition to electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will not completely eliminate harmful emissions. According to the government’s air quality expert group, brake and tire particles and road wear account for more than half of particulate matter pollution from traffic.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced late last year that the UK will stop permitting the sale of new cars that have traditional internal combustion engines from 2030 and will require all new cars to be fully electric from 2035.

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