Uklon donates its Citroen C-Elysee driver


In the midst of the minds of the shareholder: re-structure to the Uklon Driver add-on, more than 100 visits, rating 4.8, low percentage of views and submissions to the official Telegram channel.

More than 10 thousand of voices vikonali all minds that became participants in the game, ale spared only one. Ruslan Krasnov, already another rik sp_vpratsyuvav with Uklon, becoming a team of one happy, for which there was a brand new car. Make sure to use a completely random path through the * site. Videorecording to the process of buv placement in the telegram channel.

And after giving the gift Ruslan was able to pick up his honest wigrash right from the CITROEN salon.

“Clients Uklon is not without riders, but there is a great auditorium of drivers, as they are showing Uklon Driver supplements, they are not missing a lot of ridesharing economics. Therefore, for us, as a company, we are also very important to the good cooperation with them. Seasonal contests are regularly held in the official telegram channels, and the news is about bonuses and news. And the tsiogorichny rosigrash has become one of our most scaled initiatives in a straightforward manner, “- even Ivan Chornogor, a clerk on robots with Uklon partners.

Rosigrash passing from 21 spring to 18 zhovtnya. All in all 27 days, it went up all the way to 27 places, in any of the present services.

You can become a Uklon driver for help:

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