Uklon Evacuation: Launch Service

Uklon Evacuation: Launch Service


Ukrainian online service for car quotation Uklon made it possible to carry out international transportation. Now the passengers of the service may be able to know the water for moving between the places of Ukraine. Earlier, it was possible to make trips only within the boundaries of one place in that region.

In order to do this, you need to turn the Evacuation auto class into a mobile addon. The tariff for the trip is the same as the tariff of the place, for which it is planned to change: the cost of a kilometer for a place is not paid. The passenger has the opportunity to pay the price of the trip – I will change it manually for the assistance of the buzzard. The maximum amount of variance manually can be up to 5 times in the standard tariff.

Sergiy Smus, co-founder and operations director of the product IT company tech/uklon: “Early from the very beginning of the war, we started to deal with evacuation. For 15 days of standing, we have already helped dozens, or even hundreds of people with transfers. At the same time, our fahivtsi rozrobili automated solution at the zastosunka. It’s better to increase the number of such transportations, even if you can choose a city for evacuation, and whisper water to take care of your trips.

We are constantly looking out for the situation and responding promptly to it. Already at the same time, at a number of places of service I do not take a commission from the water for the last trip, this transfer may change.

Transportation is carried out by water, which helps with the service, prote, Uklon plans to actively acquire third-party water, so that everyone who can transport it will have such an opportunity.

On the cob of voyskovyh diy Uklon having taken away the commission for trips for vodіїv, schob to improve the place and simulate the drivers to continue the transportation by the city. So, in Kiev, the Volunteer project was launched, and at the same time, volunteer trips take place at 7 places in Ukraine: Kherson, Odessa, Kharkiv, Chernigiv, Sumi, Mykolaiv, Mariupol. Such trips are recognized for volunteers, as they at once promote the life safety of the place and help local residents, TrO and defenders of the place. Spending on trips for volunteer needs scolded for Uklon.

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