Ukrainian and Polish people have reached the Russian transit furies on the Bilorus cordon, 45 km away.


Ukrainians and Poles, who are blocking the border of the Polish-Belarusian cordon with transit flights to then Federation, managed to get more of their passage for the last time. So, following the words of the representative of the initiative group Natalka Panchenko, in an hour the cordon did not overturn the truck with goods.

The main benefit of activists is the fence of trade between the European Union and Poland and.

Strongly, activists are blocking one of the two checkpoints – Kukuriki, the shards themselves have crossed the cordon of more vantazhivok there before.

“In Poland, at the same time, there are only two points on the border of the Polish-Belarusian cordon: Kukuryki and Bobrovniki. The first checkpoint can be a bigger checkpoint building, so we block the very same yoga and vitaemo activists in Bobrovniki and organize a blockade. It would have been better to cut off the insults at one point, but until two people cross over,” Panchenko explained in the commentary of the European Truth.

For the rest of the collection of activists at the checkpoint, there was more money, activists from Volyn arrived before the blockade. A line of vantazhivok, for the tribute of the Polish police, stretched for 27 kilometers in a minute. However, later, according to the words of activists, the won increased to 45 kilometers from the cordon.

The Polish police created a kilometer-long buffer zone, as a way to keep the protesters in the form of vantages for the sake of secrecy.

The Riverman of the Chamber of Tax Administration Mikhal Derus remarked that all transit transport was carefully checked under the hour of cordon control. For this reason, all the exchanges of imports and imports of goods to Belarus and, introduced from the moment of recruitment of ranks of the relevant regulatory legal acts in connection with the situation in Ukraine.

Let’s say that most of the activists already knew about Warsaw. The Prime Minister of Poland called out to the EU to stop trade with.

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