Ukrainian companies will go to the control of Russian tanks on metal roofing

Ukrainian companies will go to the control of Russian tanks on metal roofing


“UAVtormet” showed the light proof of the technology of convertingn equipment into metal brut, the association showed.

Although on the private territory, the military equipment is right, but the military trophy. The technique is unfavorable – ce metalobruht, which physical person can create and take away pennies, quoting the association head of the board of the bruhtopererobny enterprise “Interpipe Vtormet” Valentina Makarenka.

The specialist of the brutopererobny enterprise, stating that before the war in Ukraine there was a shortage of metal brut. Before the war, the cost of metal brut in Ukraine was 9,000 UAH / ton, guessing wine.

“We focus on him, mi yogo can be overcome! This is the product we need,” Makarenko said.

Ukrainian Association of Recycled Metals (UAVtormet), Ukrainian Association of Exporters of Steel Products (UAEM) and Ukrainian Association of Recycled Metals and Resources (UAVtormetresurs) are active in Ukraine.

Behind the tribute of the General Staff, on the 17th of June, we used the enemy’s military equipment to fold: tanks? 444 single combat armored vehicles? 1435, artillery systems – 201, multiple launch rocket systems – 72, air defense systems – 43, aircraft – 86, helicopters – 108, automotive equipment – 864 units, ships / boats – 3, tanks with PMM – 60, operational-tactical UAVs – 60 – 11, special equipment – 10 units.

Data are being specified. The pidrakhunok is aggravated by the high intensity of combat actions.

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