Ukravtodor calls for placing billboards addressed to soldiers of the Russian Federation


Ukravtodor calls to join the fight on the information front. The call primarily concerns the owners of advertising media.

“There are hundreds of thousands of billboards along Ukrainian highways alone. Let’s make sure that they have more messages about the future of enemy soldiers,” Ukravtodor said in a statement.

The agency offers the owners of billboards to print a layout with the text that the life of an soldier is estimated at 11,000 rubles (this is exactly the compensation provided for the families of those who died in then-Ukrainian war, which is less than $100 at the current exchange rate in then Federation).

“Each owner of advertising media can join the fight on the information front. Ukrainians, you know what to do,” Ukravtodor notes.

“Be like Ukravtodor – tell the occupier the truth that death awaits him,” the ministry added.

According to the link – a layout for printing, which suggests using Ukravtodor.

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