Ultra Luxurious Custom Mercedes Van!

Ultra Luxurious Custom Mercedes Van!


This Mercedes V-Class has been completely customized with fingerprint activated vault and voice recognition technology!Thanks to

come look at these guys check out what’s in here we are looking at the mercedes-benz v-class it doesn’t actually like with value how much does this cost more or less the normal one like if you’re just to get a number one fifty thousand dollars but this is not the normal one this is the pimp that one which costs 250 000 or more so all of the upgrades that we’re about to show you are just gonna blow your we’ve got a few mind here guys we’re at lane class look at this there’s even a rivera just sitting here look at p1 with like a bugatti crazy crazy crazy i love this showroom so much so who come down and they’re like but even though we have a bugatti check this out open sesame are you ready whenever i saw myself like oh my god i need it in my life this is crazy like a living room come on in come on in this is even bigger than the maybach yeah and it’s got way more features i’m going to show you all the features now okay are you ready there’s a huge spoon here that that is why is there a spoon a spoon this is actually a cigar holder oh sorry i was just like why is there a huge spoon in here why is it such like an industrial size this thing is i love how that’s the first thing that you notice like what’s this spoon doing here look now that you notice this i’ll show you what’s in this box right here all right are you ready carbon fiber box a humidor for cigars nice i’ve never seen that in the car there is this central screen here where you control everything so come look at this guys seat control light control multimedia other controls right now you can use this screen or you can go like this you have an app i have voice control activations door close yeah right what is that awesome okay wait turn on lights green yeah what what else can you do okay wait turn on lights blue oh my god look at this interior lights white turn on wait you’ve got to press the voice command button side lights white turn on command success these are these little side white lights here and then back to normal lights oh i made that up yeah that doesn’t work turn on lights white this is so crazy and i’m going to open with this one my table so that i can do some editing while we’re out on a shoot actually so you can do something yeah so i’ll just reach over you have to open up mine yeah okay here’s your fourth seat function same thing open and look i love how everything’s like covered in carbon fiber yeah and i like that it takes its time because it feels like extra you know anticipation extra luxurious it’s like it’s a beyonce tray table it’s like so extra this is meant for like royal or super vip people that can’t even just pull it out you have to like i have to wait is he calling you royal or super vvip yes i think that’s what he meant she is super vvip that’s right okay guess what’s in there in that little thing well there’s a ps a playstation remote so i’m saying a playstation okay you would be wrong behind door number one is an espresso machine you’re joking me so you get that you get coffee on the road which is great that sounds like a terrible idea though like it comes out piping hot and then you get the speed bump over here this one doesn’t have a button you just pull this open these aren’t a button we don’t want it oh no this is oh there you go you’ve got your champagne glasses here which is cool fridge time so the champagne must go in here somewhere yeah i’m sure you could just fit a champagne bottle in there right okay so that’s your fridge and now what do you reckon’s gonna come out of this store right there i have no idea at this point okay we will go to seat number two because that’s seat number two and then it says open draw a drawer you have whiskey glasses underneath your seat this is like a car full of emotions it just keeps going doesn’t it but do you really use all of it you know but no but do you really want all of it yeah with one press of this button oh my god the massive tv is revealed and what is so cool is you can go into multimedia and look you have your little apple tv remote so you can control the tv apple tv remote and then but this is a front camera yeah look at this so now you can see oh actually a massive view of the front what’s happening you know what i thought when it said front camera i thought it was going to be like a selfie camera so kind of i mean this is kind of important you know i thought i was going to put my face in here we were going to see my face hole now watch this nice all the curtains open at once looking at the peasants out the window back into privacy and then oh ah i totally forgot the coolest thing ever sergey if you’ll move on over to that sea or actually just swap with me swap seats with me guess what’s in here a playstation this is super no you’re in your bloody place where is it i see hints i see this yeah i see the button there so where is it it’s got to be but it’s hidden down there so you can’t actually see the whole controller so it’s all tucked away nicely all right are you ready this is oh my fingerprints safe you’re joking so you press this put your fingerprint in wow and it opens and the catch is that it goes straight outside so i actually throw it out the window you said it’s a fingerprint scanner so why did your fingerprint just work because i already activated it so this is your car essentially now oh yeah i just bought it did i not tell you that’s crazy no i haven’t bought it yet but i activated it so it would work so let’s just put my watch in there and then just do this okay now locked right and then this and then your fingerprint again this is so how freaking cool is that i’ve never seen a vault in a car before no have you i’ve never seen it i’ve never seen ever ever no even the maybach we’re looking at like this is amazing now i can’t go back to my maybach because i’m like this is amazing we would have filmed that video after this yeah we would have been disappointed oh my goodness this goes really far back oh oh wow and then oh gee hello and then what we can also do is put this on oh probably asleep yeah and this pillow is like underrated this is a really nice pillow could i sleep yeah i probably have to have my dogs in here maybe i could now i could bring my dogs around on shoots and just have them chill in the van and cuddle them terrified because they’re not used to so much like just voice control and magic for them that’s like wizardry oh my goodness yes all right this i have also never seen before in a car as soon as you open the door to this car you get the most amazing koenigsegg in regards sitting right here wow a carbon fiber umbrella because why not carbon fiber like that bits covered to make it like extra lightweight in case you need to go for a run that is cool man well you’re going to be running after me with this yeah you’re going to be my umbrella man yeah exactly if you’re like you know sweating it out yeah yeah there is a printer installed in this car this isn’t just like kind of plopped there it is actually bonded to the center console so what you can do is sit in the back connect your phone to the printer and print out whatever you want to your driver so that when you arrive on location boom it’s done you’ve got your printer that’s sick okay there’s something else in the boot okey dokey so there’s a button here search and you just press this and then this little drawer comes out so you can put your whatever snacks okay snacks in the back now we’re talking right okay where do you hang your clothes right before pull this down now this should go this is so just like this i think yeah and then you can hang your clothes and boom that’s super over the top but i like it i like it that’s awesome all right guys that’s it thank you so much to ellen class and for having us and showing us around the cool cool v-class that’s it we’re out i hope you liked it pop a comment in the comment section and let me know if i should add this car to the super cover on your favorite yes bye

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