Ultrametricity crossover Chevrolet Menlo arrived in dealers ‘ showrooms

Ultrametricity crossover Chevrolet Menlo arrived in dealers ‘ showrooms


The American has already arrived in dealerships. The official start of sales is scheduled for Dec. Harbinger Menlo Chevrolet showed just a month ago in Guangzhou.

Now ready the serial version of the electric crossover. The latter is largely similar to the conceptual FNR-X.


The production version of the Chevrolet Menlo looks very impressive. Inspires the front led optics, plastic inserts on the body and front bumper. The latter is somewhat reminiscent of a racing car splitters. Cross boast an impressive wheel arches with venderami.

In the salon Chevrolet Menlo pretty futuristic: special instrument panel. An impressive touchscreen multimedia, dashboard with carbon fiber inserts and dual-zone climate control. The seats received a combined finish, of course, ventilation will not.

The most interesting hides the hood of the SUV: the electric motor 150 forces with a torque of 350 Nm. In a couple of engine charge kit batteries Ltd. The reserve is limited to 410 km For China the figure is very real, due to climate and weather conditions. For us, the rate would have fallen almost to 350 km. Don’t forget about the temperature difference.

For the SUV ground clearance of 180 mm is quite decent. Electricross would be good to show themselves on the easy vnedorozhe, about a superconductivity of the question. Assembly line borrowed from SAIC-GM in China. Pre-Chevrolet Menlo for the PRC will evaluate at least 20063 dollars.

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