Unboxing New iPhone 12 & Giveaway

Unboxing New iPhone 12 & Giveaway


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i got the brand new iphone guys and what i’m doing is giving away all three of these brand new iphone 12s plus three brand new ipads i’ll let you know how to win those in this vid so she’s here as well what’s up come on in so basically we ran out of cars to film because we’re doing quarantine so now we’re doing phones right there’s literally like no calls yeah we’re here for like a good week in germany let me show you quickly before we unbox look at this guys this place is sick yeah this place is awesome but first things first that is the headquarters of bmw we are in munich germany and we’re going to be filming with bmw this week but first we have to go into quarantine just make sure we’re not spreading any coronavirus if we have it ink is here this bedroom here not sure why the bed’s on an angle but hey ho cause it’s cool yeah why not and then look at this oh jacuzzi this is massive and you’ve got the double showers you’ve got a walk-in closet and then come back through here foosball table so i think we’re gonna be fine all right next few days right okay okay i’m not going to talk so you can hear this [Music] i haven’t had a new iphone in ages you guys like i didn’t have the last one it’s beautiful look how clean it is without any fingerprints at this point oh i like that okay and then you pick this up turn it around ready oh it’s so clean and new and fresh oh it’s so shiny it is so shiny i don’t want to touch it okay guys so you might be able to see one of the main design differences straight away is that the edges are very square you see that it’s like an oversized iphone 4. yes so true and then you look at the back here guys you see they actually have a lidar scanner that’s that black circle there and that allows you to 3d map a room yeah it’s super sick this is meant to be four times tougher than the previous iphone 11 because it has a ceramic shield which basically means it has ceramic nano crystals infusing the glass which makes it extremely tough that’s cool so we can just drop this now okay or whatever you want to it yeah yeah he’s getting really nervous this to me i’m not a massive fan of the square edges i have to say no i think it looks amazing to me it looks a bit old school here on the back the cameras even though the cameras are super updated look how it still sticks out on the back so it means when you put it down on the table it’s still the cameras that get the first yeah you don’t like that so much like like scratchy scratching on the camera so that’s not great all right let’s have a look at what else is in the box um nothing yeah absolutely nothing so you get this this is what you can plug into the laptop but there is absolutely no iphone charger or headphones and this is meant to be because they’re trying to be greener right but that’s that’s lame i mean in my opinion apple big thumbs down for this one because it’s a hundred dollars more expensive than the iphone 11. and you do not get anything else included which is crazy you guys this is a thousand dollar phone and on top of the phone you have to buy the charger and earphones now the earphones from the iphone uh the previous generations do plug in they still work just before i open up this baby let me tell you how to win i’m giving away a three brand new iphone 12s and three brand new ipads all you need to do is go into the comments section underneath this video there is a link there press on that link it will take you to the instagram competition just follow all the instructions there all right plus like this video right now like my youtube video all right good luck guys cannot wait to ship those out to you so this is yeah this is magsafe i think it’s pretty exciting because obviously it opens up a lot of doors so obviously there’s a little ring here and some magnets in which you can attach a wireless charger too a wallet or other accessories that will eventually like come down the line okay so it’s opening up new doors for uh apple and the iphone all right so you got this little pocket okay let’s oh here we just slide it out yeah it’s lag slattery all right so this part right here should yes i can already feel that it pulls the magnet down towards it now we talk about wireless charging sorry but what’s the difference between putting this on the phone or plugging it in well look in theory it’s meant to be charging a lot faster with this on apple hinting at the fact that probably the next iphones will not have any more cables this is probably them wanting to go into the wireless direction so it might be a hint at the future okay so let’s turn her on yeah let’s do it this is the first time i’m seeing it on so this has an even bigger screen than the last iphone this is a 6.1 inch oled display so the iphone 11 pro was 5.85 inches it’s a little bit bigger a little bit crispier but what’s interesting is even though it’s bigger it actually weighs less than the last iphone this is actually iphone’s first 5g compatible phone and it makes it future proof yeah exactly so as soon as that is opened up in your location that will connect it is actually water resistant now up to 6 meters from two meters that is water resistant not waterproof i thought my previous phone was waterproof i went to film underwater shots it broke it’s not waterproof it’s water resistant so you have to be careful with that this is literally just if you drop your phone in six meters of water yes it will survive that drop don’t go around filming underwater don’t use it like a goblin no it’s an iphone no definitely not as always the cameras improve with every model this is a shot from the back camera of munich and this is a selfie shot obviously from the front you can notice a small difference and upgrade every time it actually has night mode you guys so let’s pop over here under the table what we’re doing we’re going underneath the table don’t mind our up come here okay this will automatically detect low light and it says here three seconds so that means if i take a photo that’s cool one two three three seconds to capture wow that’s cool huh and then it’s very bright actually look oh yeah wow that’s cool weird way to prove it but yeah it’s like good results yeah so that’s pretty cool i like it’s night mode and um it also does night portraits now which is cool as well this is also a much faster phone than the previous model because this has an a14 bionic chip uh nice filter too look at this one guys look at this it turns everything until i go oh man wait oh i’m a baby well this is weird one yeah i’m an anime yeah hello oh my god that is so cool you guys all right that’s it that’s the new iphone 12 this is the pro make sure you go down to the comment section and enter to win wish you good luck love you guys so much thanks for watching and wish us good luck in quarantine um and we’re going to get cast your way super super soon if you haven’t yet subscribed to my facebook channel go check that out because we upload daily there all right guys i think we’re out i think thanks love y’all [Music] you

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