Unclaimed cheap alternative to KIA Rio: second name change and new markets

Unclaimed cheap alternative to KIA Rio: second name change and new markets

The original Chinese as “exclusive” of satanic KIA will soon appear in several countries. In addition, the model will be prescribed in the factory located outside of China.

Compact “cityradio” Pegas KIA made its debut in 2017. During the premiere, it was announced that sedan designed specifically for China, its production is established at a local factory SP KIA and Dongfeng. Pegasus is built on the basis of the KIA K2 of the previous generation – so called China model, we known as Rio. Price little sedan starts at just 49 900 yuan, equivalent to about 7,200 USD at the current exchange rate. For comparison, the KIA K2, a new generation will cost at least 72 900 yuan (about 10,600 USD). But the “public sector” demand in China does not enjoy: in 2018, completed in just 19 604 car Pegas, while the volume of sales of a family of K2 for the same period was 106 255 copies. And in January-June 2019, the choice on the Pegasus in China and is stopped only 575 customers in 28 times less than the year before! So I had to deprive KIA Pegas status of “exclusive” model.

So, at the end of 2018 Chinese sedan production was sent to Egypt, and in January, the model appeared in the Philippines. And for the Philippine market, she has changed the name – there’s “chetyrehdverki” is called Soluto. Now it became known that very soon, “state employee” KIA learn more and Ecuador. Again, the sedan was renamed, this time in Soluto Xcite: under this name it was shown at a local car show that was held last month. However, some Ecuadorian media reported that the sale of the model will go just as Xcite (by the way, this console in some South American markets had Rio 2005 model).

According to preliminary data, at first, Soluto Xcite will deliver to Ecuador from China, but at the end of 2019, the build of localize. As in other markets where sedans will be available with no alternative petrol “aspirated” 1.4 95 HP. In Ecuador, the model will be offered with a five-speed “mechanics”, while China and the Philippines for it has the four-stage “automatic” and in Egypt “cityradio” sold only with automatic. The equipment list includes ESC, air conditioning, Parking sensors, entertainment system, rear view camera.

Meanwhile, in the near future Pegas/Soluto also get to Vietnam and Colombia. It is possible that the latter will sell more cars Ecuadorian Assembly. The list of countries that will be “state employees” will probably expand.

We will remind, at Pegas has a twin under the brand Hyundai – sedan Reina. Model, Hyundai is also produced in China, and it is also said in Chinese as “exclusive”. But, as in the case of the “chetyrehdverki” KIA, Reina weak sales forced the company Hyundai to send cars for export, deliver to the Philippines is the only foreign market for Rayna. At least not yet.

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