Underwater Shark Jet Ski | Seabreacher

Underwater Shark Jet Ski | Seabreacher


This is the Seabreacher, which is kind of a Jet Ski with crazier capabilities. I’m in Dubai where I meet with Manea, the World Champion in Jet Ski & Fly-boarding. He gives me a lesson in how to drive it! Such an awesome toy! Special thanks to Manea, Hamad and the team who made it happen. xo, AlexFollow Manea on:Follow me on:

what’s up fish supercar blondie here in Dubai and this is what I’m learning to drive today a shark this is the Seabreacher what it can do is literally as a shark does launch itself out of the water and come slamming back down so that’s kind of what I’m gonna learn today wish me luck so this is monocots and he’s actually a world champion jet skier and fly border I’m in good hands I reckon hello there comforted a the old Buffett supercar blondie level it’s also in the charger formula team so boat racing the ones that goes super fast and then actually flip over backwards those ones man is gonna get in the driver’s seat to begin with thank God and show me how this thing works this is how much five-star service over here what else would you expect in Dubai right idea is this functional at all is this just for looks this is for looks right yeah this is yeah looks and this is all see-through actually you can see it here come around over the top base you can see how you can see down through the bottom through the shark jaws and these fins are not just for looks these are the things that actually control where you’re going so down or up and then you’ve got the engine here 350 so if I wanted to buy this this one yeah ok hundred thousand dollars for this that’s it that’s an expensive jetski is it for 300 horsepower jetski you probably get it for about 20,000 US dollars this one’s about a hundred thousand US dollars but the difference is this can do so much more this can dive go up down around or it can actually do three it does 360 yeah I heard so the f16 like a fighter jet has this same gloss it’s made by the same company their ass one system if you dive too much by mistake or whatever yes it’s a stop venture and take you all okay so what’s the maximum you can dive two meters okay and then it will switch off the engine bring you back up to the surface okay thank God for that huh here’s the Kilauea oh that’s cold so this one the top one loose yes Roley Wow this is the colors of the UAE flag you guys oh this is nice let’s talk about speed here right now stupid girl blondie Channel how fast can it go this would be fair that’s like going down Sheikh Zayed Road like the main highway in Dubai 100 kilometers an hour okay easy skidding into super cool ah this is much more difficult but a racing honest boss it’s very different do you know it probably looks like nothing from the outside but when you’re in here and you’re all holed up in a shark or a killer whale it feels very different yeah so we tried to do a 360 but I don’t think we’ve got enough speed not enough speed right on the waves yeah so 360 is better when there’s not many waves it’s flat so anyway we got up and then I think we turned all the way or now this – yes handle for the Rings yeah yeah oh the black field jet farm 3 cable going to you turn it left and right up and down you know moving although what wait I was told there’d only be like two things on the feet two things here but now there’s four things here and three things on the feet okay start the engine okay yes one more of them forward okay yeah yeah mr. APIs said forties drives basically okay yeah sure so am I the first woman should drive this and divide well okay all right no pressure and this mobile phone has no other functions except for taking good selfies but Instagram yeah no we’re talking yeah yeah of a sound system oh that’s cool see you guys look it controls and then you’ve got leased to speak you know it was the engines right behind your head so now you just get a subwoofer as well to the head to the engine noise just holding and these ones what is this Oh yeah close yeah yeah yeah okay so it Oh [Laughter] Wow the two of us was screaming he wasn’t so cool maybe there’s been oh thank you only more lessons man that is super cool like if you can actually do their 360 like we just went on the side but in karma waters you can literally do the whole 360 very well thank you all right that’s it guys I hope you liked the video go get manis and love his Instagram handle easy Matt the description right below this video thank you so much and we’ll see you guys on the next video please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to the super cub Omni channel we got so much more cool stuff to show you all right bye guys love yo from Dubai

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