Unexpected problem with Tesla: rats devour the wiring of cars

Unexpected problem with Tesla: rats devour the wiring of cars


The New York Post was contacted by a resident of Manhattan, Sarah Williams, who complained about an unusual problem with her 2018 Tesla Model 3. She is unable to use the electric car for her daily commute, as the car’s electrical wiring has been gnawed by rats. Moreover, the service centers of the American brand refuse to recognize this case as a warranty.

Sarah contacted a Tesla service center due to an air conditioner malfunction. When opening the wall of the glove compartment, a dead rodent fell out, which caused the wiring to malfunction. It turned out that the company uses wires in the electric car with insulation from recycled soybeans, and not from petroleum products. Thus, Tesla is striving for even more sustainable production. However, the organic braid attracts rodents, which will get to the wire and eat it.

The company stated that this case is not covered under warranty. Tesla said that since most automakers use soy in wire insulation for new cars, the use of this material is not considered a factory defect in the design of the electric vehicle. Therefore, the manufacturer cannot cover this case under warranty. The owner of the Model 3 had to spend about $ 5,000 to repair the electrical wiring.

British engineer Toby Bateson, who developed a device to protect cars from rats, offered to help protect cars from rodents. According to him, in the last year alone, about 150 Tesla owners have contacted him, who have become victims of mice and rats.

The $ 1,500 special device is a modular construction of mats with a metal surface through which an electric current is supplied. A similar system is deployed around the car or placed under the wheels to prevent rodents from getting into the car.

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