Unique art car Porsche 968 L ART was put on display


An art version of the Porsche 968 called 968 L’ART was unveiled in September. The Parisian fashion brand L’Art De L’Automobile, the watch manufacturer TAG Hauer, the armchair manufacturer Recaro and Bose have combined the car into a roadster with a retro-futuristic feel. Everyone can admire the result of the collaboration: 968 L’ART will stand on Brewer Street in London’s Soho until November 28.

To demonstrate the car on the street, a mirrored structure with a canopy was erected, which effectively reflects the bright green color of the roadster, and also serves as protection from the weather.

The 968 L’ART honors the original Porsche 968, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2021. The designers who worked on it for a year and a half described the appearance of the resulting art car as a retro style of the early 90s of the last century with a touch of modernity.

From the original Porsche 968, the resulting art car is distinguished by the absence of a roof, redesigned stern and optics in the form of LED strips instead of the “native” headlights, from which small recesses remain. The lanterns are also replaced by stripes with the inscription KAR – the name of the founder of L’Art De L’Automobile Arthur Kara.

It is curious that L’ART made it to the 968 demonstration site with hubcaps only on the rear wheels, although in the photos and videos shown in September they covered all four disks.

Earlier, Porsche showed another art car – the 911 996 GT3, literally transformed into an inflatable swan. The surreal coupe, inspired by the work of artist Chris Labruya, was made to mark the 20th anniversary of the model’s entry into the Chinese market.

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