Unique BMW i3 went to customers

Unique BMW i3 went to customers


On July 9, 2021, the first unique BMW i3 cars equipped with bi-directional charging technology began to be handed over to customers at the BMW Welt Exhibition Center.

The technology allows electric vehicles not only to consume energy normally, but also to feed electricity back into the distribution network. This helps to reduce the load on urban electrical systems.

The fact is that the level of energy supply to the network is uneven. For example, there are times when more energy comes from renewable sources, or the demand for electricity is reduced. The BMW i3 with new technology flexibly varies the charging according to the current conditions.

For the foreseeable future, owners of such BMW i3s will be able to sell their accumulated electricity, while owners of electric fleets will use their cars as mobile devices for short-term energy storage.

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