Unique car with nine doors introduced in China

Unique car with nine doors introduced in China

The car will fully operate on electricity and needs to come off the Assembly line in 2021.

In China undergoing the development of a unique vehicle project is headed by the former head of Jaguar Land Rover. Recently, the company Human Horizons presented concept car SUV HiPhi 1.

The first thing that catches the eye is a very unusual design of the car. Due to the absence of classic combustion engines managed to increase the roominess of the cabin. One of the important elements of design and aerodynamics fins and steel elements on the front bumper, allowing to distribute the flow along the vehicle. Due to this, the drag coefficient of the car needs to be only 0.28, which will significantly increase stability and improve handling at high speeds.

The car will be equipped with a large number of electronics – at the moment we are talking about 562 sensors. It is expected that the cabin will install cameras with facial recognition and an odor sensor to prevent the entry into the machine by unauthorized persons.

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The prototype presented in the form of a car with nine doors with electric. Rear car door will open in gull-wing form.

The car will have special modes, for example, option, when all doors will begin to open at the same time. In the “Parade” will be available to move the car with “gull wings” at low speed. Under the hood novelties plans to place a fully electric motor, having a capacity of 268 HP and is able to disperse the car to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds. It is expected that due to the powerful batteries, the power reserve will be about 650 km.

In the long term Human Horizons plans to sell HiPhi 1 outside of China. The production will be at the factory formerly used by the Chinese joint venture partner, KIA, which is currently under refurbishment.

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