Unique flying retro car auctioned

Unique flying retro car auctioned


The car, assembled in 1949, is able to move not only on land but also by air.

The Taylor Aerocar company and its founder and developed by Moulton Taylor was ahead of his time by as much as 70 years, releasing a unique flying car. Sorry, just managed to collect only 5 copies of the model, although the plan was to produce more than 500 machines, transformers. But, as often happens with ambitious projects, the founder could not find an investor.


But now everyone wants to have a unique opportunity to purchase a unique device in the January auction will feature a copy from 24.5 thousand kilometers and 780 flight hours. In motion this car is a 5.2-liter aircraft engine company Lycoming, aerokar able to disperse up to 160 km/h in the air.

On the ground the vehicle will hardly be able to impress anyone – the maximum road speed is 100 km/h, and the rear will always have a great trailer with wings. However, the description says from the ground, in the air transport machine converted in just 30 minutes. And for this “miracle of technology” I ask very little – $ 1 million.

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