Unique Pagani Zonda insider information merchant

Unique Pagani Zonda insider information merchant


Trader Mike Yin, who was sentenced to a fine for insider trading a few years ago, showed his new car – the Pagani Zonda AY supercar. Initially, it was a Zonda F Roadster, but after modifications in the two-door, the stylistic solutions of a number of other creations of Horatio Pagani were combined: in particular, the headlights with aerodynamic overlays remind of the Zonda 760 JC, built in 2015 by order of a client from China.

According to TheSupercarBlog, the unique Zonda AY is based on the Zonda F Roadster with a 650-horsepower V12 6.3 “aspirated”. It is not known whether it was so conceived, but after modifications, the supercar looked like a “collection of quotes.” For example, the headlights with aerodynamic caps are exactly the same as those of the Chinese Zonda 760 JC; rear wing air intakes reminiscent of the Zonda R; and a massive wing with end plates bolted to the body – about the Zonda Oliver.

At the same time, Zonda AY flaunts a two-tone color: carbon fiber panels are mainly painted in purple, but in some places they are covered only with a transparent protective varnish. Some elements of the exterior are also made purple, as well as accents on the wheels and in the cabin. Whether there are any changes in the technique is not yet known. It is assumed that the engine in the Zonda AY could boost up to 760 horsepower.

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These piece supercars are highly sought after by collectors. For example, in 2019 at Sotheby’s auction in Abu Dhabi, a unique Pagani Zonda Aether roadster with a manual transmission and a carbon fiber body with visible weaving was sold. An unknown buyer paid $ 6,812,500 for the 2017 car.

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