Unique ring KrAZ started after a 30-year Parking

Unique ring KrAZ started after a 30-year Parking

Unique ring KrAZ index 5450 and a 1000 HP tank engine revived for the first time since the 90-ies of the last century.

Bloggers have published online a video about the history of the truck, which, in particular, captures the moment of engine starting after 30 years of Parking.

This car was specially prepared for the European touring championship among the trucks, but in the race he could participate only once. A truck equipped with a tank of 1000-horsepower turbo diesel, disc brakes, antilock braking system, suspension replaced the independent front and rear, and the salon has established a regulated safety frame. To reduce the weight of the car and some elements of the body was made of fiberglass.

However, in his debut race in 1992 KrAZ-5450 failed to reach the finish line due to numerous breakdowns, because he was transported back to the Kremenchug car factory, and later abandoned the project. So the ring truck remained in the hangar until 2017, until it was taken away for restoration.

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