Unique Roadster “Leningrad” back to life photo

Unique Roadster “Leningrad” back to life photo


In Latvia back to life incredible Roadster Leningrad, 1953. One of a kind car was restored for six years and now it looks like new.

“Leningrad” was created by talented designer Dmitry Babich, reports Carakoom. Roadster American style built on the aggregates of the Winter. In particular, he borrowed a 3.5-liter 90-horsepower six.

The maximum speed of a lightweight sports car was 180 km/h In 1959, Dmitry Babich made a run from Simferopol to Leningrad: 2125 km he traveled for 20 hours and the average speed was 106 km/h.


Since that time, about the car heard nothing. In 2014, the car was found in a deplorable condition. The body rusted, and many details were missing. However, bought a rare car for a lot of money.

Since no documentation on the car is not left, then for the renovation were the only color photo of the Roadster taken by American photographer John Schultz in 1958 in Leningrad.

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