Unique superhybrid McLaren P1 HDK

Unique superhybrid McLaren P1 HDK


British studio Lanzante and California dealer O’Gara Coach have presented their next joint project – McLaren P1 HDK. The acronym stands for High Downforce Kit and refers directly to the F1 HDK, two LM-spec supercars that featured more powerful engines and aggressive F1 GTR-style body kits. This P1 HDK is the second in a row. It is painted a luxurious green with 24k gold emblems.

The hypercar, which debuted at The Quail, Motorsports Gathering, was commissioned by Tom O’Gara, owner of McLaren dealerships in Beverly Hills and San Diego. The project was based on the road-going P1, which, with the help of new body panels, gave the appearance of another creation of Lanzante – the long-tailed McLaren P1 GT. The aerodynamic “tail” completely repeats the track two-door and includes an enlarged splitter, front fenders with slots, a massive fixed wing and a huge diffuser.

The McLaren P1 HDK also received a luxurious green body paint, an open stern to improve heat dissipation from the engine, a brown Alcantara interior trim and a 24-karat gold badge. There is no information about the power plant, but judging by the P1 LM, it can be assumed that there have been no significant changes here. The superhybrid, most likely, retained the V8 3.8 biturbo engine and a 200-horsepower electric motor, but could well increase the output to 1000 forces and 1050 Nm of torque (it was 916 forces and 900 Nm) and acquire an exhaust system made of titanium and heat-resistant Inconel.

Meanwhile, P1 HDK ideologically repeats its ancestor, F1 HDK. Such supercars differ from the usual F1 without restrictor and boosted up to 680 horsepower from the racing F1 GTR, a High Downforce Kit body kit, 18-inch wheels with a central nut and more flexible springs and shock absorbers, which were also borrowed from the F1 GTR. In total, two F1 HDKs were built: based on vehicles with chassis numbers “073” and “018”.

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