Universal BMW 3-series “elk” test showed one of the best results

Universal BMW 3-series “elk” test showed one of the best results


“Elk test” is a very important test of the vehicle on the opportunity to evade a suddenly appearing road obstacles like crossing moose (hence the name of this test). The driver needs to dramatically change the course of movement of the car without hurting the poor animal and then back into an occupied lane. With all this, the driver must maintain full control over your car.

In the test for elk is not involved a real moose instead of using cones that are placed at a small distance from each other. They form S-shaped section of track.

In truth, the “moose test” is more applicable in order to test the ability of the machine to avoid static obstacles of the road. When it comes to the appearance of a real moose, real road situation, the rules of the road offer a very slow and try to slip behind the moose, and not to turn in front of him.


But back to the test. Cars are S-shaped section of the road to higher and higher speeds until you hit the cones (hit a moose), after which, the test is considered failed. In the case of the test wagon BMW 3-series is the most current at the time of writing this news generation, universal was able to successfully pass the test up to a speed of 78 km/h To speed 80 km/h, the car didn’t have enough traction, especially this effect is lost front wheels.

As you see, universal has done its job well?

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