Universal BMW 3 Series will get a powerful diesel version of M340d

Universal BMW 3 Series will get a powerful diesel version of M340d


From a recent interview with representatives of the Bavarian brand, it became clear that in a short time in Europe will begin selling the wagon the BMW 3-Series into a powerful diesel version M340d. This about prices yet.

Overseas edition of BMWBLOG, which as the name implies fiercely monitors the fate of the Bavarian brand, reports that in the beginning of 2020, buyers will be available for universal BMW 3-Series in performance M340d xDrive. This version will be a diesel alternative to the petrol M340i depicted here.

Most likely, the novelty will receive a diesel inline six-cylinder engine capacity of 3.0 liters. It is expected that the engine, borrowed from the crossover M40d X3/X4 M40d, will have the same 321 BHP and a huge torque of 680 Nm.


BMW is supposedly going to sell the 3 Series Touring M340d exclusively with all-wheel drive xDrive. No details about the dynamic characteristics of new items, but given that the crossover X3 version M40d (with the same engine) can accelerate in 4.9 seconds to 100 km/h, wagon xDrive Touring M340d to overcome the same path will need 4.8 seconds, given the fact that this car weighs less. If the engine will be transferred unchanged, which means that full torque will be used at 1750 rpm.

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BMWBLOG reports that the most powerful version of the BMW 3-Series wagon goes on sale in Europe in March next year, so we can expect the presentation of the car at the Geneva motor show 2020. The novelty will probably cost more than the petrol version M340i that are sold in Germany at a minimum price of 63 € 250.

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