Unkillable: metal Tesla Cybertruck tested (video)

Unkillable: metal Tesla Cybertruck tested (video)


As all know, at presentation Cybertruck Tesla, Elon Musk demonstrated the armored glass of his model. The Americans also decided to test the metal of that body, for bullet resistant. They fired from different weapons, then clawed and punched at him, all the results can be seen in the video.

For the experiment was taken a sheet of iron with a thickness of 3 mm, suitable for grade. This material was decided not to harden, so the use of tempered metal would cause problems with welding of the body.


Sheet able to withstand the onslaught of a pistol of 9-millimeter bullets, but failed against rifles and other weapons. Despite this, the result for the civilian cars of a type very good.

After firearms in the course went cold. The sheet scratched with a knife and keys, and then beat it with a hammer. In all cases the traces are noticeable, but less severe than on the bodies of other machines.

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