Untitled Motorcycles introduced the Zero custom SR/F

Untitled Motorcycles introduced the Zero custom SR/F

In the past year, the company has been accessed from a Zero Motorcycles to prototype their new models, and in addition a team of specialists. And now we see the result – an electric motorcycle in retro style called XP.

Hugo Ackles Untitled from “section” SR/F by removing all unnecessary in his opinion, but added not so much. So what is left from the former naked only the frame, chassis and powerplant. Frame it, by the way, modified, and Showa suspension. From the set: the dashboard is a Motogadget Motoscope Mini LED and integrated into the false-tank ignition without key (Motogadget).

Its design even now seems like not the final version. On most cruisers you can see sensors at the top of the tank, and that’s the only reason there is this panel in XP. Others are designed for the knees of the pilot, everything else is open design, so you can see the electric drivetrain.

The installation consists of electric motor, batteries, chargers and other details of the control, packaged in a housing made of aerospace aluminum. Among other details may be noted 320-millimeter floating discs NG, optics Motobox, custom pegs, reinforced hoses Goodridge etc.

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