Unusual car in the form of a boat looking for a new owner on eBay

Unusual car in the form of a boat looking for a new owner on eBay


On eBay sell an unusual vehicle — it’s built on minibus Ford E-350 (Econoline) in 1995, but looks like a real boat on wheels.

The van was built in just six months. In addition to the car, based on a 7.3-meter boat Sea Ray Cabin Cruiser, which performs the role of the cab. The item description does not indicate what inspired the author to venture on such a project.

The van is fully repainted during the work, and all wood surfaces restored and re-varnished. In addition, the owner replaced the carpet in the cabin. Unusual “lockmobile” also include side mirrors, turn signals and brake lights so that it can be operated on the road.


While the exterior of the car looks like an ordinary boat, its interior replicates that of a Ford van. Only a few details are reminiscent of the unusual appearance: compass, ship’s bell and a Mat that says “Welcome aboard.”

In the engine compartment is located the usual V-shaped “eight”, which from the factory was set on “Econoline”. The list of additional equipment is small and includes air conditioning and a ship’s horn blowing.

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