Unusual electric car Baojun E300 is already at dealers

Unusual electric car Baojun E300 is already at dealers


The car has an unusual body design and minimalist interior. About the new model said the Car China News Agency.

4-local Baojun E300 has a 2-colour and 2-volume body, resting on small wheels of 12 inches. The car is equipped with retractable door handles, and stylish led headlamps and lanterns.


The size of the new model was even less than the 2-seater Smart Fortwo – Chinese electric car has a length of 2695 mm 2625 against the “Smarta”, width against in 1647 1663 mm, and the wheelbase is 1750 vs 1873 mm. At the same time, the height of the new Fortwo exceeds 33 mm, (1588 mm).

The standard hatchback is 3-local as the instance in the pictures, and the fourth seat will have to pay separately. Baojun E300 is equipped with 39-horsepower electric motor and a battery of 16.8 kW/h the Maximum speed of the electric vehicle reaches 100 km/h and autonomy without recharging is 260 km.

In China, sales of Baojun E300 will start in late may – early June. The cost will unveil closer to launch date.

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