Unwrapping the La Ferrari Aperta!!!

Unwrapping the La Ferrari Aperta!!!


I explain why I had to delete my first vlog. In this vlog I get to drive the 7.1 million dollar La Ferrari Aperta and the P1 Carbon Series! Plus, I explain a little more about my i8 and why I love driving it.Thanks to @GTR_Motors (Instagram)www.supercarblondie.com/viralwww.facebook.com/supercarblondiewww.instagram.com/supercarblondie

hey guys what’s up this is blondie so something interesting has happened after just three days of having my first vlog online I had to go and delete it I think I’m really doing well at this vlogging thing so you might be wondering what the hell happened how can you get your first vlog delete it after just a couple of days well I got a phone call from someone involved in the vlog and they’re like we don’t like this scene so because of the scene I had to delete the entire thing so what I’m gonna do is re-upload this vlog with some edits so you guys can check it out if you haven’t yet seen my first vlog it will be up in a few days time however let’s start with my second attempt at my first vlog which is happening right now and it’s gonna involve Ferraris and MacLaren’s hopefully this vlog is going to be up for longer than three days let’s see if I can beat my current record what’s up guys welcome to another vlog I’ve got some exciting stuff happening today I’ve just walked out the cause outside this is one of the we love living on the palm of the year in Dubai because get to see the most amazing of all time so I usually just walk downstairs and we go to GTS one after the other which color do you guys like this I think I’d have to go for the silver there’s something about this particular color on a Mercedes that always works it doesn’t matter what Mercedes it is I just think it works now I’m just gonna get into my eye a we’re gonna go I’m trying not to get run over here we’re gonna go for a late breakfast very late breakfast it’s almost here’s my ia I’ve had this car since last December so what’s like ten months no not even nine months or so I still absolutely love driving it one of these people who has to change their cars like almost every year not because I get bored of it I just wanted like kind of change it up so I am going to be driving this car for the next few months but then I’ll probably changing into things so the original color of this car was blue and then I thought nah that’s too boring I got like a gray and yellow jewel tone I suppose you can see that himself because the most beautiful thing to me about an i8 is these lines you know coming down here and here it’s so futuristic but on the normal color you can’t see the lines that much so I thought I’d highlight them in yellow so you can see how beautiful the car is and then of course I got the AC Schnitzer kit that’s the spoiler here but also I’ve got a Bosch steiner our rear diffuser empty now I got that added on extra the bigger rings forged and then you just go but the one thing that makes it hugely different is like quite a lot so I need to be super careful going over speed bumps and in Dubai it’s a major hazard their ass people so when you press Start can’t hear anything engines now on in electric mode if you want to switch on the petrol engine you actually put it in Drive and then switch it over and now it’s running on the petrol engine alright so now it’s in normal hybrid mode and you can see on the dash it’s blue and if you switch this over this way just flick it across turns to red I really really like that feature it’s in sports mode now and then if you want to in full electric mode to switch that back and then press that you drive that’s now gonna run on full electric mode however I’ve cero kilometres left so actually it’s gonna take me nowhere so I can’t actually drive an electric mode today so normal hybrid mode it is let’s go for watching so I’m just gonna flick it over into sports mode and that’s gonna now charge the battery for me while I Drive sometimes I have to pull out of the caucus that are you do like a duck and girl Manu let’s go food guys lunch is over because we’ve got far better things to do you will not believe but we are about to go and see the most incredible car and I don’t put that lightly I have never seen this car in my life and you know how Dubai is there are such incredible cars everywhere you go never seen this one before and we just had an invite to come down and see it so this is where we go here we go see the car I actually left my glasses in the 720s my didn’t any glasses not these songs so I have to go by the McLaren showroom right now and hopefully they are in there because I can’t sleep without them you’re at the McLaren showroom and now I’ve got to find my glasses humper let me show you around first because there are some incredible cars in here and this colour especially that’s just amazing look at this incredible color I’m not sure if you can see it like I can here’s my glasses delivery it’s a way to get you glasses delivered isn’t it delivering a 720 ed I’m gonna leave my glasses behind more often I think it’s good strategies in the car again so we’ve just arrived at the showroom I’m gonna take you through right at the back is what we’re looking for but on the way there are some pretty incredible cars as well so let’s go in I mean by anyone’s standard these cars something to see on their own I’m actually going to be driving up a luxury car in zone driving into ruse very handsome so this is the adventure the big reveal I haven’t yet seen it we’re gonna see it together you won’t believe this but I’ve got the key it’s like all coughing this is crazy okay you ready so when you pull that lead but the pedis actually come towards you so instead of moving the seeds you pull this lever I’m not gonna pull it again now because they’re kind of in the right place and then the pedals move towards you so you don’t have to move the seat Ford’s laferrari up after literally everyone every showroom wants this car in Dubai I have never seen one before so this is really something special I’ve never driven one before this is a moment just to hear the engine go on you just think what is this God and we’re just about to take the roof off and then we’ll really be able to feel the aperto only 200 of them words sold by invitation this one only has 88 kilometers on the clock and so the owners not really meant to be selling it if you do that in Europe to sell it before you own it for two years then apparently you’d be blacklisted from Ferrari and they won’t give you another special car again so they’re selling this car for 7.1 million totes and look who has the key as close to owning a la ferrari Aperta I will probably ever get in my life just holding the key in my hand and being able to drive it I mean that’s so pretty special this car actually just has the soft top roof you have to order the hardtop carbon roof extra and it’s about hundred twenty thousand euros extra just for the hardtop isn’t that unbelievable so this one just comes with the carbon fiber around the outside here and then the soft top that you can take off with just a few clicks on this side and the other side we’ve just been moving up the engine so we can hear it I ready not very many like 5,000 look it’s pretty easy to get this roof off see we’ve just put that back on now so there are just two clips on both sides it just flick that across and flick this one across and then I basically just comes off look super easy it would just how I do it all now but you just kind of wrap it up bring this up here to begin let me just take you inside because it’s not often you get to see inside of laferrari on let alone a la feria better so in this one you’ve got the actual manual key that you put in first you turn that and then you press the start button and it’s just got the parking down here like any other Ferrari fire extinguisher going up Curtis laferrari appear to key this is about 2.3 seconds 0 to 100 I’ve never driven anything that basketball it’s a machine and right next to this carbon zeroes v1 only 105 and there’s one right next to the abner time I mean where do you get these where you get it and check this out full gold in here this is real gold can you see that that’s the key I really need to be working imagine how much is this one 3.5 something yeah 3.5 million dollars 0 to 100 to 1 6 so I’ve just driven the laferrari a pager which I still cannot really if I’m saying no and you will be moving here and you have the 4 5 8 vanity alley-oop after and if you notice the color is divine it’s a special order color and it’s about 100 thousand dirhams extra so what’s that about $30,000 extra just to get this color I’m not sure if you can see it properly but it’s not the typical Ferrari red and now I’ve got the key to the maternity 1-series robbing father every way [Laughter] EFA I mean you got a smile right it takes 25 seconds to take it out of race mode we’ve got a countdown yeah seven seconds to go six five how is that drive Oh baby I got up to like 200 compared to the laferrari this compared to the laferrari not just the laferrari excuse me the laferrari is better let’s see you get out yes no this is a challenge this is really like getting out of a box oh just look more elegant just finished driving at the p1 carbon series I mean honestly every word out of my mouth today is almost unbelievable I don’t believe what I’m saying myself so here is the beast 2.6 seconds zero to a hundred obviously it’s just carbon-fiber chill the eye can see it was like just a tiny bit of suede there for a god sure that’s not carbon now I’m gonna say goodbye to these guys they’ve been awesome letting me drive all their most fantastic cars today and that’s a wrap guys that’s the end of the vlog thank you so much for joining me do you know the p1 has very poor on no something shocking on B one carbon series poor whole or not they’re gonna get any gold watch don’t buy it no this has been such an amazing day these guys down here at GTR motors have been just incredible they said come down drive our cars I said I’ll see you there just to say that I have driven both this carbon series and the laferrari up here so he’s just insane to me and I can not believe it what do you think of mommy’s vlogging do you like it no yeah no reaction whatsoever are you sure what do you think of mommy’s vlogging do you like it can I get at least a little tail wag get oh thanks baby see he’s my greatest supporter

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