Updated and “stretched” Skoda Karoq

Updated and “stretched” Skoda Karoq


The premiere of the updated crossover Skoda Karoq for the world market will take place on November 30, but the reformed SUV is already on sale in China. In the Celestial Empire, even before the restyling, it was larger than its global counterpart and retained this advantage with the modernization.

There have been no significant changes with the crossover. The car was only slightly tweaked the exterior, and also retrofitted with previously unavailable options. The exterior of the Chinese Karoq has received a different front bumper with black inserts with the update, while the world model should get along with it a different grille, headlights and taillights.

In the interior of the “stretched” crossover, the “climate” control unit has been replaced, which is now devoid of physical buttons.

In addition, for the first time a wireless charging system for a smartphone and black and red leather seats were offered for the model. The Chinese Karoq had a multimedia system with a 9-inch touchscreen display before.

The modernization did not affect the technical side. In the “Celestial Empire” Skoda Karoq was sold with an uncontested 1.4-liter TSI gasoline turbo engine producing 150 horsepower. The same motor will go to the updated cross. There was only one transmission to choose from – a 7-speed “robot”. It was also decided not to change it. Front-wheel drive only.

Prices for the restyled “Karok” for the PRC have already been announced. For “SUV” ask from 149 thousand 900 to 154 thousand 900 yuan, or 23,500 – 24,300 dollars at the current exchange rate.

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