Updated Audi A4 boasts new engines

Updated Audi A4 boasts new engines


The Audi A4 is a benchmark in the market, especially in the D segment. The four-ring brand is immersed in the development of a new generation coming in 2023 with new internal combustion engines.

Audi has already set a date to discontinue production of models with conventional combustion engines. In the middle of the decade, the brand will only be engaged in the production of electric vehicles. But this does not mean that the company will completely abandon traditional models, since it will continue to work in this line until 2026.

This strategy will move to the upcoming Audi A4, which little is known about. It is currently in development. The more modern sixth generation will debut in mid-2023.

The upcoming A4 will follow the same design line, developing character traits with a sportier profile and differentiating itself from the rest of the lineup. The salon will focus on a more minimalist design and the presence of digital technologies.

The German firm has already confirmed that it will have a new line of gasoline and diesel engines that are described as “the best ever built.” They are being adapted to the Euro 7 standard and equipped with 48-volt MHEV technology with higher injection pressure, more power and better throttle response at low speeds. A4 2023 will also receive a plug-in hybrid version with an autonomy of up to 100 km.

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