Updated coupe and convertible Mercedes-Benz E-Class officially presented

Updated coupe and convertible Mercedes-Benz E-Class officially presented


The sedan and wagon Mercedes E-Class (and also the version of All-Terrain) was presented in early March, today it was the turn of two-door versions. During the online presentation was shown of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet, and “charged” version of the E-Class coupe – AMG 4MATIC E 53+.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet AMG line

External differences in models from previous versions coincide with what we have already seen the new sedan and wagon (that’s just the scale of the changes is still smaller). Form of head optics have been revised within a new figure with led “boomerang” that distinguishes the top face of the headlight. Falshradiatornaya grille, as before, has a trapezoidal shape, but now with the base at the bottom, and bitmap grille now adorns all versions. A slightly modified design of the front bumper. The shape and arrangement of the rear lights has not changed, but completely transformed the interior picture. Both models received four new color variations as well as new types of design of wheels, among which are disks with optimized aerodynamic shape.

Of the most notable innovations within the model – redesigned the steering wheel (with double horizontal spokes). The wheel now features a capacitive sensor, which detects the presence of hands on the rim, so that the driver could not delegate control of the car at the mercy of the cruise control. Also increased the size of the display in the top versions of the media system MBUX (latest generation): now both have the 12.3-inch diagonal (in the basic configuration – by 10.25 inches).

Version features the convertible has remained the same: the roof can be folded for 20 at speeds up to 50 km/h, it is possible to order the AirScarf option: zones of the neck and shoulders will Abdovitsa warm air.


The main innovations from the point of view of the power plant are the appearance in the range of six-cylinder petrol motor M256 (which prior to use in the updated E-Class was set on CLS, S-Class and the GLE) as well as diesel four-cylinder motor OM654M. M256 will get the most powerful version (not including the AMG-modifications) E 450 4Matic, its impact is 376 HP and 500 Nm of torque. This engine is equipped with a 48-volt an “extra” EQ Boost: starter-generator (built-in 9-step “automatic” 9G-TRONIC) during acceleration adds 22 power and 250 Nm of torque, and allows coasting with the motor shut off. The power plant provides the E-Class Coupe first acceleration to 100 km/h in 5 seconds.

Diesel engine OM654M installed on the coupe and convertible (version E 300d), gives the highest degree of force – 265 HP (and extra 20 HP and 180 Nm of torque thanks to EQ Boost). To achieve the increase in power (before the engine gave out 245 HP) thanks to a new crankshaft, increasing the stroke to 94 mm total displacement until 1993 cm? (before – 92.3 mm and 1950 cm?), increased to 2700 bar compression ratio (early – 2500 bar), two turbines with variable geometry and water cooling and other improvements.

And for the coupe and convertible in the list of standard equipment will include automatic braking system, is capable of urban speeds to detect stationary car and a pedestrian. Part of the optional Driving Assistance package will be the recognition of an oncoming car while crossing the neighboring lane. Also, now for cars available package URBAN GUARD equipment which “knows” how to respond to suspicious movements near the car (when the driver is not there), penetration or towing, notifying the owner via a branded app.

Mercedes-AMG 4MATIC E 53+ Coup?

The most aggressive version of the coupe and convertible E 53 AMG c a technical point of view has not changed: under the hood is installed the same inline 3.0-liter engine with dual supercharged (turbine and electric compressor), 435 outstanding strength and 520 Nm of torque. This power unit equipped with system EQ Boost (an additional 22 power and 250 Nm) capable of accelerating the coupe to the first “hundred” for 4.4, the cabriolet in 4.6 s. this, as before, help the 9-step “automatic” 9G-AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT and all-wheel drive AMG Performance 4MATIC+.

However, the external difference from dorestaylingovyh model is quite significant. Have changed head optics, grille false radiator got a design with vertical bars, a front bumper flaunting a more open area of the air intake. The rear bumper, as before, is decorated with four exhaust pipes.


The main change in the interior is the new steering wheel, which integrates the two switch drive settings and select the individual functions.

The optional AMG DYNAMIC PLUS package, available early only for vehicles with eight-cylinder motors, can be enjoyed now and for E 53. Its main feature is the presence of driverstore preset RACE, in which you can activate the drift mode (Drift Mode).

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