Updated crossbyke Yamaha YZ250F

Updated crossbyke Yamaha YZ250F


The Yamaha YZ250F 2022 motocross bike has been slightly updated, with most of the changes affecting the rear. The bike is fitted with wider rims (+2.15 inches), allowing for wider tires. The 19-inch rear tire is now 110/90 instead of 100/90.

The 2022 model is fitted with Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires instead of Bridgestone. The fact is that Dunlop conquered American supercross and motocross, therefore it wins the competition in the market.

In addition to the size and rubber, the rear wheel has lighter hubs and a sprocket. The special piece is now in the form of three intersecting spokes. According to the manufacturer, thanks to the changes, the motorcycle’s handling has become more precise. Further adjustments were made to the KYB suspension to improve the bike’s cornering stability and response to bumps.

YZ250F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition is released in parallel with the base version, but has only cosmetic changes, despite the loud name.

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