Updated Duster received a new box

Updated Duster received a new box


In Europe, the updated Dacia Duster will be offered with a number of changes starting in September. For example, the SUV received Y-shaped daytime running lights, as well as LED headlights, but they are not available in all trim levels.

The interior of the novelty also features an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system monitor with support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems. In the all-wheel drive version, the SUV is equipped with navigation, which shows the driver the angle of inclination of the car when driving over rough terrain. There are also cameras in the side mirrors, making it easier to park and drive off-road.

However, the main changes have affected the technical part. So, the updated Dacia Duster received a six-speed EDC robotic transmission with a double clutch. This transmission is offered in a front-wheel drive version with a 1.3-liter 150-horsepower turbo engine.

Also in Europe, buyers of a bi-fuel modification of an SUV, which received a 50-liter bottle of liquefied gas, which was located in place of the spare wheel. The power reserve in this version is more than 1.2 thousand kilometers.

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