Updated Duster shown on video

Updated Duster shown on video


Romanian brand Dacia, which is part of Group Renault, has published a video dedicated to the updated Duster. The crossover will receive lenticular LED headlights with Y-shaped LED elements, like the third-generation Logan and Sandero. In the cabin, a touchscreen multimedia system is expected, the diagonal of which will increase to eight inches. According to preliminary information, the premiere of the restyled model will take place on June 22, 2021.

The current second-generation European Duster has been on sale since 2017, and is currently preparing for a mid-life restyling. The main innovation, in addition to point changes in the design of the exterior and interior, should be the appearance of an automatic transmission: while “Dusters” for Europe are equipped with “mechanics”, but after restyling, buyers will be able to choose the EDC robotic gearbox.

In addition, with the update, the Duster will have a seven-seater version with an extended wheelbase and the Grand prefix in the name. Previously, such a modification was noticed during road tests: it reaches 4.5 meters in length, and due to the increased rear overhang, additional space for third-row passengers has appeared in the cabin.

Prices for the current Dacia Duster range from 12.5 to 18.15 thousand euros.

This was not the end of the news from the Dacia brand: the company changed its logo. Now it is represented by the inscription “Dacia”, executed in the corporate angular font, and on the radiator grilles of future models will appear an emblem stylized as the interconnected letters “D” and “C”.

The Bigster crossover is expected to be the first model to receive the new logo.

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