Updated Duster will have to wait until May 2022

Updated Duster will have to wait until May 2022


According to AutoExpert, this year the world auto industry faced serious shocks: due to the shortage of electronic components, car manufacturers were forced to stop conveyors or produce cars without their usual options.

As a result, the supply chains of commercial vehicles to dealers were disrupted, which affected the presence of vehicles in car dealerships. There are not enough of them for all.

For example, Dacia cars now do not have an emergency braking system, and they were also deprived of airbags, heated and electrically adjustable mirrors, multimedia, etc. At the same time, even such a step did not help the automaker to reduce the delivery time of cars.

Any Renault Group model ordered last month will have to wait until early next year. And for Dacia, the waiting period is even longer: cars booked in November must wait until April.

And those who chose Dacia Duster should be guided by May 2022.

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