Updated Ford Explorer: the first photos

Updated Ford Explorer: the first photos


The large crossover Ford Explorer, which replaced a generation three years ago, is preparing for its first restyling. Spy photos of the updated model were published by the Chinese media, which means that it is too early to say unequivocally about the markets of this facelift.

Nevertheless, there are so many changes that you can mark them as a given right now. The front of the Ford Explorer was transformed by new headlights, a different bumper and a wider grille, while the rear was “answered” by other shaped lights with a dotted “stuffing”, which are easily recognizable by the additional sections on the fifth door.

Large-scale redesign, judging by the pictures, also affected the salon. The vertical tablet of the media complex was replaced by an ultra-wide horizontal touchscreen, familiar from the current versions of Ford Evos and Mondeo, and because of it the front panel completely changed so that the only reminder of pre-styling was only the digital “tidy”, still hidden under the visor.

There is no reliable information about the “technology” of the updated Ford Explorer yet, but some changes should be here. According to Chinese media, the crossover will retain the old 2.3 turbo engine with a capacity of 276 horsepower, and the “younger” alternative to it will be the new 2.0-liter “turbo four” with 220 horsepower, which Ford first announced two years ago, but never used in deed.

The premiere of the updated Ford Explorer for China is expected at the April Motor Show in Beijing. And then the restyling of the American version will arrive, which will most likely have a different design and its own engine range.

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