Updated Ford GT and made it more powerful

Updated Ford GT and made it more powerful


Ford introduced a GT model year 2020. The compartment is now equipped with titanium Akrapovic exhaust, upgraded turbo EcoBoost and comes with two new styling packages.

The main technical innovation of Ford GT 2020 was upgraded twin-turbo EcoBoost 3.5 V6, the output of which increased from 656 to 669 horsepower. The new engine calibration, the broader shelf of the moment, the pistons with an improved design of the cooling channel and a more powerful ignition coil solutions allow you to track the GT Mk II. The engineers also improved the cooling of intercoolers, this changed the shape of the side air intakes, thus increasing airflow by 50 percent, and increased the damping characteristics of the suspension in the “Track”.

Standard for the updated Ford GT was a titanium Akrapovic exhaust system. And for the supercar offered two new styling package. Liquid Carbon is a body of unpainted carbon fiber under the clear coat, carbon wheels with titanium bolts, sostituzione seat belts, five interior design options and five callers for brake calipers. Optional on GT Liquid Carbon can put racing stripes and mirror housings painted in one of seven colors.


The Ford Performance division has updated the historical livery of Gulf Racing. Now the transition between blue and orange, highlighted with a thin black stripe in the style of victory in “Le Mans” 1968-1969 GT40. The model number on the sidewalls is no longer a “9” and “6” again, like a race sports car of the 1960s.

Deliveries of the updated Ford GT has already begun. Production of the supercar will end in 2022.

Last summer, Ford showed the GT track Mk II, which will release in quantities of 45 copies at a price of $ 1.2 million. From the usual GT coupe a different racing aerodynamic body kit and uprated to 700 horsepower engine.

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