Updated Hyundai Santa Fe is completely new!

Updated Hyundai Santa Fe is completely new!


The first market for the transformed crossover Hyundai will be native Korea. At the start of sales there model will be offered only with a diesel engine, later the SUV will get a new petrol “turboservice”.

Upgraded Santa Fe Hyundai has revealed in early June. Recall that the crossover is not just changed on the outside and inside: he was transferred to a new “truck”, unified with the latest KIA Sorento and the Hyundai Sonata. As before, Santa’s front McPherson, rear – mnogoryichazhka. But at the same time reduced the centre of gravity, plus the Hyundai has said about the improved handling, noise and vibration control. But on the engine range in the company’s previously silent, saying only that in Europe the SUV will be offered with hybrid plants. Now, new details about the technique. However, while the known characteristics of the model designed for the home market: home sales will start tomorrow, 1 July.

Now, hybrids in Korea will not, at least at the first stage. Well, the “traditional” version, as expected, in terms of “stuffing” repeat fresh KIA Sorento: Koreans Santa Fe will be offered with new petrol “turboservice” 2.5 T-GDi Smartstream and Smartstream 2.2 diesel, both engines are combined with eight-speed robotic transmission with two wet clutches, the actuator front or full. At first, Santa will only be available with a diesel engine, it returns – 202 HP and 440 Nm (like the Sorento). Petrol crossover from local dealers get afterward, so that Hyundai chose not to talk about the power of this engine. However, he certainly gives the same 281 HP and 421 Nm, and the motor Sorento (by the way, cross KIA in Korea, too, is represented only with a diesel engine, the petrol version will appear in the third quarter).


Hyundai Santa Fe pre-reform at home was offered with petrol “turboservice” 2.0 T-GDi (235 HP, 353 Nm) and diesel 2.0 e-VGT (186 HP with 402 Nm) and 2.2 e-VGT (same 202 HP and 440 Nm, but this motor is cast iron block, whereas the new diesel – aluminium). All engines put 8АКП.

In Korea, the upgraded crossover is available in three models, the top Calligraphy – its grille. In the Arsenal of the SUV are: virtual “tidy”, the system of selecting the driving mode Terrain Mode (available in Eco, Sport, Comfort, Smart and off-road, Sand, Snow and Mud), modified withholding system in the lane, prevent frontal collisions (with the function of recognition of pedestrians, cyclists and cars, also detects oncoming vehicles when turning at the intersection), the system will prevent collisions in the Parking lot when reversing, a lane of the highway.

In addition, Santa Fe is provided for the remote Parking is to put the car on a Parking lot or withdraw it from the key chain. Oh and Santa’s got a “digital key” to unlock the doors and start the engine using a special application on the smartphone.

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Diesel Hyundai Santa Fe will cost 31 220 000 – 39 860 000 won, equivalent to about 34 700 – 44 300 dollars at the current rate.

In Europe, the upgraded crossover will appear in the autumn.

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