Updated Infiniti Q60 Black’s show in the fall

Updated Infiniti Q60 Black’s show in the fall

Streamlined conceptual sports coupe Infiniti Q60 Project Black S with a racing hybrid powerplant can publicly presented in early October at the Paris motor show. The new design of the car is ready for production, if the manufacturer’s manual will give the green light to the project, informs edition Car Advice.

As with the previous version of the concept, the new Q60 Black S will develop a power of about 500 HP For the “black” version has borrowed 400-strong three-liter “turbosystems” version Q60 Sport Red, however, the new version can get the technology of the racing cars F1. Powerplant compartment will transform the energy generated during braking and from exhaust heat, into electricity, which will be allocated to the internal combustion engine in rotating the crankshaft and turbines. This decision, presumably, to avoid turbolag. The installation of a titanium exhaust system will provide a small reduction in weight and improve the sound of the V6 engine.

The production model, if it is approved, can get sport suspension followed a concept, an advanced aerodynamic body kit and some carbon parts to reduce weight. It is assumed that the production Infiniti Q60 Black S will not appear on the market before 2020, where he will compete with the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S, Audi RS5, BMW M4 and Lexus RC F.

Note, the main market for Infiniti Q60 is the United States. In the past year, has sold more than 10 million units, while in Europe sales of the model amounted to little more than 500 pieces.

Closest brand Infiniti will be a couple of crossovers in the new version Limited. The manufacturer will present new models in the auto show in new York in a few days.