Updated Jaguar F-Pace can get Bavarian motor

Updated Jaguar F-Pace can get Bavarian motor


The redesigned sample of the crossover first seen in the testing process, and it is possible that with a brand new engine.

Crossover Jaguar F-Pace appeared on the market in 2016, and it’s time to prepare for restyling. Jaguar has already started testing samples of the updated F-Pace, but they are so dense camouflage in combination with the masking overlays that while we can only speculate about the changes that the crossover can survive.

For example, it is noticeable that the prototype got a new optics, but curved mesh slots in the front bumper, most likely made just for masking. The same goes for the radiator grille. In the rear part of the prototype can be seen through translucent camouflage led lights, which seems to be also changed shape, but to say it clearly until you get it. As for the interior, his images yet, but with a certain degree of confidence it is possible to assume appearance in the cabin of the SUV is a new multimedia system and replacing the original automatic transmission to push the lever.

Jaguar has promised that all new firms are somehow electrified, which gives the updated crossover chance in one way or another to turn into a hybrid. In addition, they say, and that for the F-Pace will adapt sorbirovannoe row “six” with dedication in the 400 HP 3.0 liter from the family of Ingenium. Finally, the most extravagant rumors promise off-road vehicle engine from the… the BMW M8!


Connected this assumption with the recent announcement of the collaboration between Jaguar Land Rover and BMW just engine parts. And photospin already seen a prototype of the updated coupe Jaguar F-Type, which presumably was equipped with the 4.4-liter V8 from BMW. And this motor can develop up to 625 HP, which with interest will suffice for the “charged” versions of crossover with the letters SVR.

Debuts new, apparently, only next year, but the F-Pace will be submitted to SVR and that later.

Who will benefit from the cooperation?

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