Updated KIA Sorento can imagine today

Updated KIA Sorento can imagine today


To demonstrate the new product at the Geneva motor show the company failed because of its cancellation.

On the eve of the information appeared that the Korean company KIA is preparing a presentation of its new Sorento crossover for the South Korean media. The epidemic of coronavirus in South Korea is gradually on the decline, so the event may cause heightened interest. The car is made on a new platform – its advantage is not only superior off-road qualities, but also in increased comfort.

By reducing the size of the engine compartment managed to increase the wheelbase, improving the level of passenger comfort inside the cabin. So, with the General increase in the length of 10 mm, the distance between the axes increased to 35. In this respect, the new Sorento has a clear advantage over competitors. The current generation of crossover will be the third.


It was originally marketed as an SUV, but with the release of the second generation roll changed in the direction of comfort. Now , according to KIA representatives, customers will receive a revolutionary car.

In the markets of Korea, USA and Europe, the novelty will receive a hybrid engine, consisting of a 1.6-liter engine and electric motor with a capacity of 44.2 kW. The total output of the power plant will be 230 HP through the use of such an engine is possible to achieve almost zero emissions. In Korea and US customers will also be able to buy a car with a 2.5-liter engine producing 281 HP Later, you may receive a diesel version.

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