Updated Land Rover Discovery Sport – caring about the environment and passenger comfort


Impressive comfort and quality of the automaker Jaguar Land Rover achieve a higher level in the updated model Land Rover Discovery Sport. Recent discoveries of developers allow the company to economize on fuel and to keep safe the environment.

This compact SUV is designed to electromobility. The new architecture Premium Transverse Architecture (PTA) means that since the launch of the Discovery Sport is available with engine type mild hybrid (MHEV) 48 V. Collecting the energy that is usually lost when braking, the system saves it in the under-floor battery, ready for redistribution when the car starts and assists the engine when accelerating. When braking and at speeds below 17 km/h the engine switched off to minimize emissions.


Nick Rogers, Executive Director, product Jaguar Land Rover, said:

“Jaguar Land Rover has pledged to produce the electrified version of each new model in 2020, and we move on to the final stage of the development program. Mild hybrid engines today provide a reduction in emissions and fuel economy, so every driver can enjoy the benefits of each trip. In addition, the model with plug-in hybrid engine with charging from the mains will later join the line, we have also improved our pure petrol and diesel engines Ingenium, certified according to the latest norms of the test emissions in real driving conditions the second degree (RDE2)”.

Customers can choose from four-cylinder Ingenium engines, including three petrol and four diesel engine (depending on market). Benzinovo engine producing 250 HP with an automatic transmission (all wheel drive) offers 400 Nm of torque and acceleration from 0 to 10 km/h in 7.1 seconds.

An updated 9-speed ZF transmission improves fuel economy by two percent due to changes in the front bumper, the engine and the active blades on the air intakes that further enhance aerodynamics.

Driveline Disconnect system, which is available in all-wheel-drive models, disables drive to the rear wheels on the front axle when driving in “cruise control”, reducing friction and improving fuel economy and re-engage in a fraction of a second for control.

Technology Active Driveline (depends on power of engine) is an electronic system of vector control of torque, which constantly balances the distribution of engine torque between the front and rear axles when cornering to improve grip and the reliability of steering control.

Each seat in this car has been given attention so their new design provides a superior level of comfort and for the first time offers a massage function to front seat passengers. Customers can choose a durable material Luxtex. Soft, lightweight, durable and tear-resistant, it is also used for the manufacture of steering Alcantara.

Jaguar Land Rover has made sure to stay updated Discovery Sport even more. Due to the possibility of movement of the second row forward and back, legroom can be up to 968 mm for second-row passengers and 655 mm for third-row passengers. Sloping roof line, the distinctive feature of the design of a family of Discovery vehicles, and flat floors provide the height 984 mm for second-row passengers and 875 mm for third-row passengers.

A common place to store small things has been increased by 25% (48 litres) is partly due to the increased Central drawer for things and redesign the pockets on the doors. The new Central office for storage has a removable stand two glasses and a small mesh for such small things like headphones or charger. The stand also has a compartment for a smartphone.

At the rear of the car Luggage compartment volume of 897 litres. This can be increased to 1794 liters, folding second row seats, and the establishment of cargo nets as standard will not allow loose objects entering the cabin while driving.

Additional smart settings presented in the family Discovery, uses artificial intelligence algorithms to study driver preferences. Technology self-study recognizes the driver’s key FOB or on the phone and immediately adjusts the position of the seat and steering wheel.


After several visits to the Land Rover Discovery Sport remembers the desired temperature settings for driver, media preferences and the number that is dialed him often, depending on time or day of the week. The system also remembers the settings from the seat with a massage function.

Customers can also get a series of multifunctional packages. Package “driver Assistance” comes with the system Co-Pilot Drive and camera that provides 360 degree monitoring system of blind zones, system of emergency braking at high speed, system Parking assistance system 360 degree Parking monitor rear view monitor for easy check-out.

This package can be broken into smaller packages: the package “Control”, which adds adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function, the system of emergency braking at high speed, and a system of monitoring of blind zones; or package “Parking”, which includes system Parking assistance system 360 degree Parking, the rear view monitor and the monitor to allow easy exit.

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