Updated Land Rover Discovery Sport: the safety and tranquility of your family

Updated Land Rover Discovery Sport: the safety and tranquility of your family

Modern family needs the versatility and practicality, so the updated Land Rover Discovery Sport was designed to be even easier, more comfortable, more convenient and safer for family use.

Land Rover Discovery Sport is the car that is impossible not to notice. It the perfect proportion combined with unique character and a strong design and form a functional car, it’s how it’s supposed to be a Land Rover. Regardless of your location, innovative technology models Discovery Sport provide you and passengers access to communications, information and entertainment.

Chief software engineer architecture Premium Architecture Transverse Simon Barnes said:

“Land Rover Discovery Sport is a perfect balance of Land Rover and features modern amenities. Each technological component in the salon exists to make this car easier to use, whether improved rear visibility, memorizing the preferences of the driver or the security of each passenger. This compact SUV is something more than just the best in its class, it creates this class.”

Updated Discovery Sport is one of the first Land Rover vehicles that use engines certified to the standards of the test emissions in real driving conditions the second degree (RDE2) prior to their mandatory implementation in 2020.

Technology ClearSight View Ground – derived system, borrowed from the concept of the invisible bonnet Land Rover uses cameras in the front grille and on the door mirrors, the image which is projected onto the Central touch screen which shows what is in front and under the front part of the car. A survey on 180 degrees helps maintain visibility when crossing extreme terrain, overcoming potholes or high curbs.

Advanced system care when towing makes it easier and safer than ever, allowing the driver to concentrate on steering. And thanks to the system of assistance when Parking, the rear view camera, Autonomous braking system, lane keeping assist motion control of driver state and speed limit, safety will be the main function of the updated Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Thanks to the Adaptive Dynamics updated Discovery Sport provides a balanced ride, regardless of any changes of terrain or surface, and due to the combination of smart sensors and shock absorbers suspension continuously variable road condition is monitored every 10 milliseconds.

More versatile Seating arrangement and increased overall storage space for little things that provide three rows of seats. For the first time on this model available massage function for the front row seats.

Sitting in the Land Rover Discovery Sport, you will feel the tranquility from the amount of light that fills a refined cabin through the panoramic roof. In finishing salon used premium materials that provide driving pleasure while reducing road noise and engine provide a comfortable communication between family members.

To create a modern and sophisticated interior design help elegant and multifunctional three-spoke steering wheel, modern and comfortable and the instrument panel and the infotainment screen system.

Based on a new architecture Premium seanmalarkey Transverse (PTA), the design of wheelbase and compact suspension provides improved Seating position, better comfort and extra storage space, forming a perfect compact SUV for travel. The switches and buttons of the infotainment system is built in such a way that they are impossible to notice before they are activated and grouped, so that each passenger was able to enjoy delicious devices. The driver can intuitively control all the technology on only your fingertips. With mobile applications to ensure a complete integration of smartphones and tablet holders for rear seat passengers provides additional charging devices. Points 4G WiFi can simultaneously connect up to eight devices and six USB slots and three 12-volt charging points located around the cabin.

Land Rover Discovery Sport is also equipped with the technology of the ionization of the air in the cabin and has two-zone climate control, which helps to provide health care and make every journey relaxing for the whole family.