Updated line of 500 cc Honda 2022 motorcycles: CB500F, CB500X, CBR500R

Updated line of 500 cc Honda 2022 motorcycles: CB500F, CB500X, CBR500R


The Japanese manufacturer presented updated models of the 500 series: Honda CB500F, Honda CBR500R, Honda CB500X. Engineers have made changes to both the chassis and engine.

For starters, all new bikes have adopted the new 41mm Showa SFF-BP USD forks, as well as lighter Y-spoke aluminum wheels and new 296mm wave front brakes on the CB500F / CBR500R. The Honda CB500X gets similar braking upgrades along with more suspension travel as it has a 19-inch wheel up front. All models are equipped with a lighter swingarm, which is torsionally stiffer, but more flexible in the lateral direction. According to the manufacturer, the swingarm has improved handling when cornering.

Power remained at the same level – 47 hp. (36 kW) to stay within the A2 category in Europe, but the new fuel system tweaks have increased torque and improved dynamics.

In addition, the manufacturer has prepared several new colors, including the signature red Grand Prix.

Interesting fact for fans of statistics. Honda has sold 106,000 CB500 and CBR500 motorcycles since 2013. 50% of sales come from CB500F, 18% from CBR500R, 35% from CB500X. In addition, 45% of the CB500F and 37% of the CBR500R are purchased by novice riders, 45% and 60%, respectively, under the age of 34. On the other hand, over 75% of CB500X buyers are experienced bikers.

2022 Honda CB500F

2022 Honda CB500X

2022 Honda CBR500R

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