Updated line of tourenduro Triumph Tiger 1200 2022

Updated line of tourenduro Triumph Tiger 1200 2022


British motorcycle maker Triumph Motorcycles has finally unveiled the highly anticipated 2022 Triumph Tiger 1200. Over the past six months, the company has fueled our interest in this bike as it has seen significant improvements: more power, less weight, better technology.

First and foremost, the revamped 1160cc three-cylinder engine now produces 10hp. more. Peak power is 148 hp and 130 Nm of torque is achieved at 7,000 rpm. The bike is still equipped with a driveshaft, but the drive has become a more integrated part along with the swingarm – all for the sake of weight reduction. As a result, the motorcycle lost approximately 23 kg. The minimum curb weight is 240 kg.

The Triumph Tiger 1200 2022 range consists of five models. Three GT versions are fitted with alloy wheels with 19-inch wheels at the front. Two versions of the Rally come with spoke wheels, with a 21-inch front. All versions have an 18-inch rear wheel.

The Explorer mod is available for both GT and Rally. It allows you to increase the volume of the fuel tank from 19.5 liters to 36 liters, and also provides for the installation of a radar that monitors blind spots and the distance from the vehicle in front. However, not to be confused with adaptive cruise, this is not it.

All five versions are equipped with Showa semi-active suspension, which is one of the key features as the motorcycle starts at $ 19,100 (the cheapest price tag among competitors with a similar feature). The braking system is represented by 320 mm discs with Brembo Stylema calipers.

Comes with a full-fledged electronics package: traction control, ABS, 5 modes, suspension settings. Triumph’s documentation does not specify the IMU system and corner ABS, so these systems are apparently missing.

Triumph has invested money and time in a line of large touring vehicles, but only in comparison with the competition will it become clear how successful the product has turned out.

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