Updated Mustang Mach-E will go even further

Updated Mustang Mach-E will go even further


The Ford Mustang Mach-E will soon receive a small but important update thanks to a member of the Mach-E forum.

The focus is on increasing the usable battery capacity. The Standard Range battery now holds 70 kWh (was 68), and the Extended Range – 91 kWh (was 88). The total battery capacity is not mentioned, but it is likely to remain at 75.7 and 98.8 kWh, respectively.

One of the forum participants calculated what the new mileage on one charge could be, taking into account the changes.

  • SR AWD increased from 211 to 217 miles (from 340 to 350 km)
  • SR RWD 230 to 237 miles (370 to 381 km)
  • ER AWD 270 to 279 miles (435 to 450 km)
  • ER RWD 300 to 310 miles (483 to 499 km)
  • California Route 1 305 miles to 315 miles (491 to 507 km)

Of course, these increases are not large, but any increase is good. Real-world EPA range tests may show an even greater range. Official data should be announced closer to the start of production of the updated Mach-E – assembly will begin at the end of November.

Also new, California Route 1 will come with heated front seats and heated steering wheel as standard.

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