Updated naked Kawasaki Z900 2020

Updated naked Kawasaki Z900 2020


Top Nakada Kawasaki is now charged Kawasaki Z H2, while Kawasaki Z900 remains a smart choice for those looking for an affordable motorcycle for rides and everyday use.

The motor has not changed, but the bike now meets the Euro5. A large part of the upgrades for the exhaust system. The electronic system includes led optics in a circle, four modes and informative LCD cleaning.

In Europe, it comes in two models: 124-strong (full) and the 94-strong (category A2 may be restricted to 47 HP).


Key features Kawasaki Z900 2020:

  • 948-CC engine, inline, four-cylinder
  • 125 HP at 9500 rpm
  • torque of 99 Nm at 7700 rpm
  • seat height 820 mm
  • weight 212 kg (curb)
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