Updated sports tour CFMoto 650GT

Updated sports tour CFMoto 650GT


Chinese manufacturer CFMoto has updated its flagship sports tour CFMoto 650GT 2022.

The 650GT shares a platform with the 650 NK naked and 650 MT tourenduro. All are equipped with a 649cc inline two-cylinder engine with minimal differences. At 650GT, the unit develops a modest 56 hp. power. The motorcycle is sold in Europe, Asia and Australia. Potential buyers are attracted by the bundle at a relatively low price.

The 2022 model has been updated to improve the ride performance of the bike, making it more comfortable for long-distance highway travel. A pair of wardrobe trunks and a pair of USB charging ports are now standard for powering gadgets while traveling. In addition, there is a new color scheme “Nebula Black”.

All other things remained in place: color LCD tidy, modes, LED optics, two-seat saddle, adjustable visor …

In Europe, a motorcycle costs 6,440 euros.

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