Updated T-Roc and T-Roc R-Line are already on the roads

Updated T-Roc and T-Roc R-Line are already on the roads


The Volkswagen T-Roc and the sportier version of the R-Line, which hit the market nearly four years ago, are due to be updated shortly. Photo spies spotted the updated model near the company’s headquarters in Wolfsburg with little or no camouflage.

In the pictures, you can see that the standard VW T-Roc will receive redesigned headlights. Thus, the T-Roc will be in the style of the larger Tiguan, especially at the front. The grille also has fewer horizontal louvres, from two to one, and a thicker chrome strip. The fake air intakes under the lamps are also significantly higher than before.

At the rear, the bumper and rear optics have been slightly changed, which gives the compact SUV a new sophisticated design. We don’t expect any changes to the engine range, but the T-Roc’s cabin will have even more digital technology than before.

As for the “sporty” T-Roc R-Line, it will receive similar changes. The rear bumper seems to have changed a bit, but the front bumper looks more aggressive than before.

There is no official information on new products yet, but insiders report that both the standard T-Roc and T-Roc R-Line will appear in dealerships in the spring or summer of 2022, and the updated T-Roc R should appear by the end of autumn … The updated T-Roc range may debut at the IAA in Munich.

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