Updated the Hyundai Grand wins the Indian market

Updated the Hyundai Grand wins the Indian market


Hyundai said sales of the updated crossover Hyundai Creta. Recall that the car came from the dealers of the brand in India on March 16 this year. During this time, it acquired 20 thousand people. But even more impressive looks of the statistics on orders. According to the information portal “New cars” at the moment is 55 thousand people waiting for their cars.

The second generation of the crossover has changed markedly in comparison with the cars of the first generation. In particular, the radiator grille is now made in the style of models of the Palisade and head optics now has a double construction. Taillights got a brand new design and led stuffing. Also note the appearance of the name of the model at the center of the liftgate.


Significant changes and got the car interior – the dashboard is now part of the digital design, and multimedia complex has become a modern and more intuitive.

At the moment the second generation of Hyundai Grand is available in India, South Korea and China.

Meanwhile, Hyundai introduced air conditioning for cars of the new generation. Installation work has become more efficient – in addition to its primary function, it can prevent the growth of bacteria and also to clean the salon.

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