Updated Tipo: now and cross version

Updated Tipo: now and cross version


Opened photorename “off-road” version of the Tipo allows us to represent the overall model changed after the facelift.

Career current market compact Fiat started in 2015 with a four-door modification, and in 2016-m to the sedan joined the hatchback and wagon. The production of the entire family established in Turkey, and only in this country machines are called Egea, whereas Europe has revived the name Tipo (model with the same name were in the range of the brand in 80-ies of the last century). It’s time for a planned restyling, and then the incident happened. A few days ago some media published allegedly the brand image of the updated hatch. But it turned out that it’s just a fantasy “free artist”. Now, in the forum magazine Auto Pareri appeared “live” pictures of this facelifted Tipo. Rather, the picture we see the cross, but, if we ignore the off-road attributes, it is possible to imagine how the model changed.

On a photo it is difficult to determine what Tipo was turned into a “crossover” – station wagon or hatchback. It is not excluded that this variant of execution will be both “pyatidverok”. But “off-road” sedan in Europe is still unlikely to appear, because there is “chetyrehdverki” in principle is not particularly popular. For “crossovered” answer, first of all, protective overlays on the bumpers (even if the stern is not visible, but there probably the same “spot”) and black plastic on the wheel arches and rocker panels. The hood can not be considered a roof, however, according to the genre, Tipo must have roof rails.

Also, the model received a new grille, which instead of the usual logo with dark red background emblazoned inscription with the brand name, plus Tipo dispatched led headlights – the same outfit, obviously, and got the standard hatch, “the barn” and the sedan. In the cabin – otherwise the steering wheel and the display instead of the traditional “tidy”. Still, the model could be replaced by a multimedia system.


Unknown at this time whether the changed dimensions. Length of the former hatch equal 4368 mm, wagon – 4571 mm sedan – 4532 mm. Wheelbase “pyatidverok” – 2638 mm, the four-door versions – 2636 mm.

Information about the technique yet. In the homeland of the brand in the pre-reform schemes include Fiat Tipo petrol “aspirated” 1.4 (95 HP) and “turboservice” 1.4 T-Jet (120 HP), diesel 1.3 Multijet II (95 HP) and 1.6 Multijet II (120 HP). Depending on engine model available with five – or six-speed “mechanics”, six-speed robotized transmission with two clutches.

The premiere of the updated Tipo probably will be held this year, but because of the pandemic coronavirus it can spend by the end of 2020.

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